2017-07-21 Investments recommendations for NYSE

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About the financial market in US, in this moment is hard to give useful advice because the economy is closer to a breakout. When? Is difficult to say, depends in political factors. Meanwhile I recommend you invest in foreign enterprises like TTM (Tata Motors) or or JBS (JBS).

If anyway you pretend to invest in US here you have some good alternatives for buys:

The biggests banks are good options, for example WFC (Wells Fargo), BAC (Bank of America) or C (Citigroup Inc.) are expecting big earnings in the future and strong growth.

Other options in technology and defense are GOOG (Google) and LMT (Lockheed Martin Corporation) they are developing together a project with NASA about quantum computing. Google is expected that continue growing and powerful if a financial crisis appears. Also, your position abroad is very strong. Meanwhile Lockheed is a business that have big potential in long term with disruptive future projects that will change the world and give the shareholders big earnings. Also, in short run if eventually a war happens (that isn’t difficult with Trump in the presidency), defense stocks will show big performance.

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